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Hi! Welcome to my blog site. I am a professional CBT therapist who specialises in OCD and related problems. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and insight into this disorder with my articles. If you like what you read please could I ask that you like and share, and please feel free to add comments.  You can also visit my  OCD websites for kids, teens and adults; and also my OCDsupervisor site if you are interested in supporting people on the OCD spectrum. Please click on the links below to find out more!

OCDKidsWeb – Free programme for parents of children who have OCD.

OCD Therapist – Educational programmes for teens and adults who have pure-ocd themes and other subtypes.

OCDsupervisor – A course tailored to suit therapists, peer support workers, coaches and more!

OCD Therapist FB Page – Join me for relevant information on OCD and related problems.

OCD Coaching and Support FB Group – I am lead admin for this group, founded by Scott Schneider, now in remission and supporting others on the OCD spectrum. Please feel free to join us, I look forward to welcoming you! Parents and carers may also like to join our sister group: Parents of Children with OCD

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